• Giulia Paratelli

ACCEPTANCE is a journey within ourselves where flowers are the metaphor for our inner image, the way we perceive ourselves. In contrast, the image of the people is the representation of how they feel the world sees them. The combination of these two images opens a window into how we see ourselves, what acceptance means, and the different journeys different bodies embark on, all hoping to reach the same point of complete peace with the self. To delve deeper, I initiated a video series, presenting the following reflective questions: - Why did you choose that specific picture? How does it make you feel to look at it? - Can you briefly describe your journey towards accepting your body, considering both your internal feelings and outer image? - Imagine that your inner perception and your outer body can sit at a table and have a chat. What would they say to each other?​​​​​​​ The editorial has been published on Londnr and you can see at Here is a short selection of images, enjoy! :)


"Looking at that picture made me think “this is me” because there's quite a lot of freshness in it but, at the same time, it has already started growing a bit old and that's how I feel when I look at my body sometimes.

Accepting my body was a hell for a ride!

In my teenage years I had an eating disorder and after that there has been a very long, very intense recovery process where I tried to figure out what my feelings are and why I project them onto my body.

I definitely had to be in recovery for long years to be able to move closer towards acceptance and I think it’s really just one day at a time."

"After I lost weight I needed time to get used to my body and accepting my new shape. I used to dress with very baggy things just to cover my body a lot while now I have the confidence to dress has I want and feel good.

I normally use colourful things because they represent how I am feeling. In the past few years I've worked on my mind and my body so now I fell they're both aligned.

At the moment I feel happy, more confident and I am proud of what I've achieved through the time."

"I chose that specific picture because it was very much alive but there was also signs of its ultimate demise. I liked the broken blossom as I hoped it had the most realistic possibility of growing new roots and regenerating.

It made me feel hopeful but also realistic. 
All will change, it’s the rule of impermanence.
I feel younger at heart than I think I look in the mirror but I would tell myself not to care because ultimately there are signs of experience more wisdom.

Impermanence is difficult to accept."

"I'm transgender and accepting my body has been a little bit of a journey.
Before my transition I intensely didn't like my body and I think accepting who I am took a lot of work but it was really worth it.

Now I feel I am in my own body and feeling happy of your body is just an integral part of The Human Experience."

"I think internally sometimes you don't see yourself in the world as much but when you really own a sense of self-acceptance - and for me I achieve this through movement and dance - I feel that this is the body that I own and that I love.
I can control it, I can move it in ways that people don't expect and it makes me feel good.
I also found out that when I'm out in nature I feel I am where I'm supposed to be because it doesn’t matter what people see or think of me, when I am outside I feel I simply exist, no matter what."