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Marmalade is a digital media company bringing Africa’s culture and stories to life through curated content and exclusive events. Subscribing to Marmalade gives you access to; Premium Content: A free weekly newsletter that curates the best stories and global news on Africa(ns). Join thousands of readers and stay up to date with the latest gists in minutes. Check out our newsletter archives - Exclusive Events: Exhibitions, pop-ups, virtual experiences, members-only socials, private parties and so much more! Upgrade today to access these exclusive events and experiences. The Marmalade Mission “We’re on a mission to build a new mainstream shaped by Africa’s culture, stories and emerging brands. We will realise our mission by educating the world about Africa(ns) through content and experiences that resonate.” – Founder We believe Africa’s culture and stories are its most valuable asset. But despite the growing consumption of African music, fashion and entertainment by the global mainstream, there are still negative and incomplete perceptions of Africa(ns). We believe having new African perspectives in the mainstream will change the continent's image for the better.

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