Marmalade Collective

Media agency with a distinct African flavour


We are seeing African culture influencing Western mainstream tastes like never before. It’s informing music, art, food, travel, fashion…the list is infinite. Afrobeats have blown up the charts, models have sashayed down the catwalk wearing African-inspired apparel, and Beyoncé has channelled ‘the motherland’ through her powerhouse visuals. As African culture continues to flourish in the West, marketers are struggling to effectively unlock the opportunities within this growing audience, both nationally and internationally. Opportunities to broaden their audience, tap into new consumer markets, drive profits, build meaningful connections and align with a shifting cultural zeitgeist. We help ambitious brands harness the power of culture to solve these challenges. Through a strategic mix of culture, campaigns and content, we grow brands in ways that advertising alone can never do. Utilising the collective power of influencers, social media and technology-driven data, we turn brand possibilities into business results.

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