Minelgaite studio

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London, United Kingdom


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Minelgaite studio is a London based creative practice founded by Paula Minelgaite which combines graphic design and research to provide inclusive visual communication which speaks to a more diverse audience. It specialises in print design, editorial design, environmental design, visual identity, and art direction. Paula operates both independently and as a bespoke team of collaborators, depending on the requirements of a project. The studio often works with clients in the cultural and educational sectors, for example Dim Mak Records, Tate, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Royal College of Art, ACED, DSDHA, Fikra Graphic Design Biennial, and House of Common Affairs. The studio's research aspect is concerned with the politics of truth, broadly examining the role of design in constructing 'truths' and the consequences of that. Through subjects that are in the news, Paula uses a combination of journalism and graphic design to deconstruct, and then highlight the contradictions as well as complexities of issues at hand.

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