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Hello! We're Mummu We're an animation studio specialising in 2D & 3D animation and motion graphics for international brands and agencies. We also have a dedicated space just for the health and wellness sector, Mummu Health. Mummu was established in 2010, and we've cultivated an extensive talent reach that hits the four corners of the globe. We are fully equipped to ensure that no creative stone is left unturned, ensuring your voice is heard through animation, illustration and live action. At Mummu Health, we are experts in decoding complex and sensitive messages in a clear and concise way. Healthcare, medical professionals, social professionals, along with agencies have entrusted us to deliver the facts so they can make positive change. So whether you are a brand aspiring to change the buying behaviours of your market through a characterful TV spot, or a charity trying to provoke action via a social media campaign, Mummu can help you make a change.



Gold Award - Video / web-based production - Health & Wellness


  • Mummu Health team won 4 awards for our animation ‘LUSH Cosmetics: Self-Preserving’ at the NYX Video Awards. Our work won the following: 💎 Grand Award - Video / web-based production - Animation 💎 Grand Award - Video / web-based production - Direction 💎 Grand Award - Video / web-based production - 2D Animation 🏆 Gold Award - Video / web-based production - Health & Wellness According to NYX, ‘The NYX Video Awards is the premier platform for recognising video production and design excellence. As a proud offshoot of the esteemed NYX brand, the awards programme highlights outstanding achievements in creative digital video design, audio production, strategic planning, and flawless direction.’

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