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London, United Kingdom


At Pinga our vision is to completely change the nature of shopping in every city in the world. Right now most people reach for Amazon and their item travels 130 miles overnight in a lorry. Actually we estimate 70% of what you need can be sourced from local shops within one mile from you, but you don’t know which shop or whether it’s in stock. With Pinga, when you need something we connect you to a regular person who’s walking past the shop anyway, and ask them to drop it off. It’s crowdsourced instant delivery that is significantly more efficient than existing ‘courier’ models - our average completion time is just 29 minutes! We’re changing everything by digitising all high street shops and delivering what you need in less than one hour. We’re empowering everyone living in cities to effortlessly buy local, boosting local economies, paying local people, and slashing the carbon cost. We will shortly have raised a total of £1m, 750 Pinga Partners have signed up, we’ve had 10,000 orders and are live across Central and East London. Watch Co-Founder Michael winning a recent pitching competition at a Google for Startups event here, and an Evening Standard article about Pinga here.



Google for Startups Founders Live

Founders Live

  • Founders Live hosts a regular global pitching competition - Pinga went head to head with 5 other startups and won the November 2019 event, winning £25k of Google credits!

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