Fashion recommendation powered by AI and psychology

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PSYKHE is a psychology-based shopping platform that recommends fashion from leading retailers, personalized by your personality. This way, you don’t have to filter through many sites, pages, filters and navigate through things you don’t like. You’ll only see pieces in alignment with who you really are. No more impersonal edits, trend-pushing, and florals for spring. Realizing that fashion’s visceral power runs much deeper than society gives it credit for, and that people’s individual style preferences are shaped by their own psychology, we made it our mission to change how the world thinks about clothes. We believe that this type of individual self-knowledge is the antidote to mindless consumption. Once signed up and logged into PSYKHE, each person’s feed of products looks like a classic online shop front, but is entirely personalized to them, aggregating from all leading luxury fashion brands and retailers. The financial backing for the launch comes from Carmen Busquets, one of the fashion industry’s most prolific business backers and an early investor in Net-A-Porter.

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