Cultivating imagination, shaping worlds.

New York, United States


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An avant-garde, multidisciplinary creative atelier based in New York, Samaritual pioneers visionary brand building through aspirational aesthetics, imaginative storytelling, and culture-centric universes. We interweave art, culture, craft, and emerging technologies, focusing on well-being, with a deep understanding of nuance across Western and Eastern societies. Through a ‘people-planet' approach and boundless curiosity, we CRAFT sensorial playgrounds, BREAK boundaries, and CONNECT with kindred spirits. We COLLABORATE with visionary minds and the power of AI to CREATE narratives of well-being, CHALLENGE the status quo, EMPOWER innovative thinkers, harness the power of PLAY, and IMAGINE infinite possibilities. With profound passion for cultural articulation, rituals, and authentic connections, we MEND and INTERSECT with global insights, TRANSCEND limitations, and CARE deeply. Embark on an awe-inspiring journey where you can THRIVE, EXHALE, and NURTURE a brighter tomorrow. Join our transformative courses, seek visionary advice, or collaborate with us to create extraordinary experiences.

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