Silence Media Ltd.

A creative and data-driven programmatic media partner


Silence Media is a creative and data-driven programmatic and social media partner. When people ask us how we're different from our competitors, this is what we say: WE THINK ABOUT BEHAVIOURAL DESIGN Our work here at Silence is at the intersection of design, technology and media buying. We like to say that creativity is the only lever left to pull in digital advertising, that you can't expect the technology and the media to work much harder. We find that the best way to improve results from a digital advertising campaign is to test the creative strategy using techniques from behavioural science, the study of decision making. WE STAND FOR INCLUSIVE MEDIA PLANNING As members of The Conscious Advertising Network, we're committed to producing campaigns that are as diverse as the country we live in. We believe that all brands and organisations should recognise diversity and inclusion in their advertising as a moral imperative and a business necessity. We offer our clients inclusive media buying at scale with our Diverse Marketplace, a handpicked collection of websites read by people of different ethnicities, sexualities and faiths. WE DELIVER NEUTRAL MEDIA BUYING We charge separately for management and media at Silence. Our management fee includes our creative services and our planning and buying. And our media fee is neutral - we just pass on the costs. Companies that make profits directly from trading media are conflicted. They will always run with the media partners that make them the most money. As neutral media buyers, we spend our clients' money as if it were our own.

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