The founding principle of Solomon&Wu was to apply contemporary design to traditional mouldings, enabling us to do something extraordinary, preferably something no one has ever done before. This allows us an open mind when designing our own range of products and total freedom when working with designers. At the heart of everything we do are the sculptors and designers who develop an idea into a product from sketches and conversations. Having started by bringing design to plaster mouldings we have now applied the same ethos to create hardware, GRP panels, furniture, mirrors and fittings. In 2013 Solomon&Wu released their standard range of door handles and furnishings. 2015 saw Solomon&Wu textured metal and poured polished surfaces take off in a big way. We intend to make the next big thing, not copy the last one.



Walpole Brands of Tomorrow


  • ABOUT_BRANDS OF TOMORROW_Founded in 2007, Walpole