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Custom designed and handcrafted inflatable structures and objects., Made to measure inflatables for any occasion; window displays, installations, weddings, chill-out structures, performances, events, festivals, photographers, corporate, etc. Product Designer, Mahani Baharum and Creative Production Manager, Gaia Hannan, met in 2008 while working at a London based design studio specialising in awesome inflatable structures. The two discovered their combined talents create a niche creative team bringing characters and distinctive structures to life in the form of giant inflatables for retail spaces, exhibitions, and the music and creative arts industries. So, in January 2012 Studio Soüfflé was born! Whilst the creations are not always inflatable, the spirit is definitely there. Studio Soüfflé constructions and products are fun, whimsical, unique, and make you feel all fluffy inside!

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