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science x culture ----------------- founded in 2006, super/collider is an independent agency based in London. working in and with people from the creative industries, we explore science from a pop cultural standpoint – bringing its wonders to new audiences through events, expeditions, books and content the team ---------- Melanie King – co-director Louise Beer – co-director Chris Hatherill – founder & editor-at-large we'd like to thank all the people who have contributed their time and energy to super/collider over the years, including but not limited to Rod Stanley, John Hooper, Zara Mirza, Regina Peldszus, Abby Schlageter, Melissa Ramos, Thomas Sadler, Zack Hobler, Jolyon Ralph, Viola Schmidt, Katinka Schaaf, Annelise Nelson, Emma Hargadon, Sophie Wedgwood, Fiona Shipwright, Sandra Berghianu, Michael Ainsley, Bobby Jewell and Bright Star Catalogue history events_ 2020 19 May - super/science Episode 2: Language of the Stars/ Professor Roberto Trotta 05 May - super/science Episode 1: Speaking into Outer Space/ Paul Hill and Dr Jill Stuart 31 March - Dark Side of the Moon with Paul Hill, Uncommon, London 2019 28 November - Solargraph Workshop at Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester 21-23 November - “The Fragile Ocean” Exhibition and Symposium with Sail Britain - St John on Bethnal Green, London 26 June - Period Zine Making Workshop with Mia Maxwell- The Science Museum, London 19 February - Sensing The Sea // Ocean Reverberations - Ace Hotel, London 16 January - X Ray Audio with Thurston Moore - Ace Hotel, London 2018 05 December - Sound Machines with Look Mum No Computer and Graham Patterson - Ace Hotel, London 28 November - SUN Late with Anthony Carr and Diego Valente at the Science Museum, London 12 October - Plastic Sea with Sophie Thomas and Sail Britain at St Katherines Dock, London 29 August - Nature of Sound with Dr Simon Jones, Antoine Bertin and Professor Angus Carlyle at the Ace Hotel, London 17 July - A Moon Gathering with Ellie Tsatsou at Lumen Crypt Gallery, London 24 June - Summer Solstice Party with Dr Lucie Green and Paul Hill - Ace Hotel, London 12 May - Staring into Space with Victoria Grinberg and Paul Hill - Second Home, London 02 May - Pop-up Astronomy with Paul Hill - Woodberry Wetlands, London 20 February - Luminous Colour with Liz West - Second Home, London 2017 22 November - Cassini: A Spectacular End with Professor Michele Dougherty - Second Home, London 20 November - Exploring the Invisible with Dr Simon Park - The Collective, London 12 September - The Cosmic Sublime with Dr Marek Kukula - The Collective, London 17 July - Sensing Space with Dr Roberto Trotta and Julie Hill - The Collective, London 10 July - Spectral Evidence with Amelia Crouch - Second Home, London 03 July - Caroline Corbasson with Paul Hill at Ace Hotel, London 07 June - What is the Moon Made of? With Dr Louise Alexander - Second Home, London 24 May - Science of Sound with School of Noise and Look Mum No Computer - The Collective, London 10 May - Supermassive Black Holes with Meghan Gray - Second Home, London, England 06 April – Hong Kong ten publication launch party – Book B, Hong Kong 05 April - To Dream of Space with Dr Niamh Shaw - Second Home, London, England 01 March - Dark Side of the Moon with Paul Hill - Second Home, London, England 24 January - The Edge of Sky with Dr Robetro Trotta - Second Home, London, England 2016 06 December - Liliane Lijn in Conversation with Johanna Kieniewicz - Second Home, London 20 October - Speaking into Outer Space with Dr Jill Stuart - Second Home, London 20 September - Is Our Universe a Hologram? With Andrew O’Bannon - Second Home, London 09 August - Lunar Observation with Dr Louise Alexander and Jeni Millard - Ace Hotel, London 03 August - In Praise of Darkness with Dr Marek Kukla and Dr Melanie Vandenbrouck - Second Home, London 06 July - At the Edge of Uncertainty with Dr Michael Brooks - Second Home, London 01 June - Harnessing the Sublime with Dr Simon Jones - Second Home, London 06 April - Living Photographs with Alice Cazenave, Seetal Solanki and Dr Simon Park - Second Home, London 02 March - Exploring the Invisible with Dr Simon Park - Second Home, London 2015 09 September - Dark Matter with Dr Chamkaur Ghag - Second Home, London 04 September - A Sartorial History of Space with Dallas Campbell and Daryoush Haj-Najafi - Second Home, London 30 August - Everyday Aliens with Heather Barnett - The Floating Cinema, London 29 August - Cyanotype Workshop, Salt Festival, Sandhornøya, Norway 26 August - Volcano Illustration with Olivia Bargman - Ditto Press, London 23 August - Extra Terrestrial with Professor Martin Hendry and Paul Hill- The Floating Cinema, London 08 August - Pop-up Astronomy with Paul Hill - Shoreditch House, London 16 July - Life on Mars with Dr Louisa Preston, Dr Maggie Lieu and Clare Weedon - Second Home, London 15 July - Where Next? with Marek Kukula et al - Breese Little Gallery, London 03 - 05 July - Space Camp - Kielder Dark Sky Park, London 01 July - Venus and Jupiter Viewing with Paul Hill - Ace Hotel, London 15 June - Saturn Rising with Paul Hill - Ace Hotel, London 26 May - Champagne Supernova with Dr Steve Fossey and Dr Andrew Gregory - Second Home, London 24 May - Pop-up Astronomy Club with Paul Hill - Shoreditch House, London 15 May - Digital Shoreditch Closing Party - Shoreditch Town Hall, London 08 January - Laser Quest with Dr. Arthur Turrell, Dr Ceri Brenner, Lia Han and Bompas and Parr, Miranda at Ace Hotel, London 2012 23 May – Transit of Venus briefing with Dr. Suzanne Aigrain, The Book Club, London 23 May – Transit of Venus briefing with Dr. Suzanne Aigrain, The Book Club, London print_ ten, 2016 Skylab, 2014 Craters, 2013 Maria, 2013 Moonwalkers, 2013 Isomorphology with Gemma Anderson, 2013 Worlds in Transit, 2012 DesigningScience, 2011 All About: Crystals, with Landfill Editions and Nous Vous 2011 Apollo 77, 2009 GREEN/SPACE, 2009 _S3magazine, issue ‘zero’, 2006 sculptural works / commissions_ Micromuseum of Sleep with Bompas and Parr, Citizen M Hotel, 2016 ’Miranda’ Lunar Ceramic Installation, Ace Hotel Shoreditch, 2015 Rooftop Telescope Commission, Ace Hotel Shoreditch, 2015 Skyhenges I-IV, 2014 Landed, 2013 space/station, 2014 Handcrafted Particle Accelerator, with Patrick Stevenson-Keating 2012 curated events, exhibitions, workshops, talks and field trips_ TOOLKIT, ACO – Art and Culture Outreach, 2016 Hong Kong Institute of Physics workshop, 2016, London, England Iceland III, 2016, various locations, Iceland SALT Festival workshop, 2015, Norway Kielder Observatory, 2015, Kielder UK Pop up Astronomy, Soho House, 2015, London, England Women of Rock, Print House Gallery, 2015, London, England Light Play workshop, TATE Britain, 2015, London, England Growing The Future, 2014, London, England SOLAR/LUNAR, 2014, London, England Tenerife, 2014, various locations, Tenerife, Spain Iceland II, 2014 various locations, Iceland Input, Floating Cinema, 2014, London, England Iceland I, 2013, various locations, Iceland POP ROCK MOON SHOP®, with The Arts Catalyst, London, England Science Weekend at KXFS, 2012, London, England The Monument, student workshop at CASS, 2012, London, England Science Printing Workshop, 2012, London, England Jiggling Atoms workshop, 2012, London, England Tara ship tour and evening talk, 2012, London, England Worlds in Transit, expedition and group show, 2012, Umeå, Sweden Science Fair™, 2009-2012, London, England GREEN/SPACE, 2009, London, England Apollo at Apollo, group show, 2009

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