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London, United Kingdom

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Are you the next TEDxClapham speaker? We're looking for ten amazing speakers to help make this year the best yet. Applications for speakers are open until the 23rd March - midnight. Apply today - www.tedxclapham.com This year, our theme is "Grow" Growth is unavoidable; we see it everywhere. Technology is developing, populations are increasing, tensions are building, cities are widening, seas are rising. We all want to move forwards. And fast. As without growth - decay begins. Doesn't it? The human population loves growth. But looking around in the world at the moment, what do we really want to grow? Plastic is breeding in the seas, mental health is becoming a vital part of our everyday, and we are living faster and faster. Ever since its inception, TEDxClapham has been committed to providing a platform for ideas to grow. A greenhouse if you will for new ideas, perspectives and break through discoveries to educate, motivate and inspire a legacy of change. This year we'll be at the Clapham Grand, with 10 speakers ready to enrich human potential - are you one of them? Apply at www.tedxclapham.com