Ladbroke Grove, London, UK

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TEDxLadbrokeGrove Taking our lead from global TED, we want to continue to provide a platform for talented voices from the community itself, London and beyond. Ideas will come from across sectors - a convergence of ideas connecting people from all backgrounds in a space to be inspired, to learn and to take action. Vibrant, diverse and divided are some of the words often used to describe Ladbroke Grove. An area where extreme wealth and poverty live cheek by jowl; where Europe’s largest street party is celebrated and the location of one of the UK’s worst humanitarian disasters. Join us in this movement as we celebrate the diversity and strength of community, showcase our interconnectedness through voices that often go unheard, challenge the status quo through new ideas, and look ahead as we explore the power of humanity, technology and innovation as a means to effect positive social change. We are a #TEDxWithSoul

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