The Travel Collective

Brands who offer a broad range of travel and event solutions

London, United Kingdom


The Travel Collective offers a broad range of travel and event solutions through our various Winter and Summer brands. Created by trusted industry leaders who are both masters of curation & execution. This movement started over 20 years ago in 1994, and at the time it was just two young guys with a love of the mountains and a lack of funds. They were ambitious, excitable and ready to fuel the revolution. After many years an energetic, adventurous industry has firmly established itself on the back of what these guys did. Who were they? They were our founders. They were the pioneers of Wasteland Ski, drivers of change and leaders in a new era of Winter sports travel for young adults. From those humble beginnings grew a thriving company that has branched out, developed and never backed down from the challenges of change. Expanding our knowledge, building contacts and consistently remaining industry leaders has been our mission. With that we’ve mastered showcase events, founded festivals and created unrivalled experiences across both the French Alps and the Pyrenees. The groups newest venture sees them branching out into the Summer market with new brand Roam, offering trips for groups both small and large to top bucket list destinations.

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