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London, United Kingdom

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Imagine buying your morning coffee, knowing in real-time its contribution to climate change, then tapping a button to  make up for it instantly. Yayzy is making this happen by giving you the means to track and offset the carbon footprint of your purchases in real-time. The app automatically works out the environmental impact of your lifestyle and helps you shift to low carbon options. It uses secure open banking technology to connect to your bank account and calculates the carbon footprint of each purchase that you make in real-time. This makes the carbon footprint calculated more accurate and bespoke to the individual, helping you instantly connect your spending to its impact on the planet. The app also provides an aggregated view of your monthly carbon footprint and helps you understand it by translating it into familiar equivalences such as ‘number of miles driven in a car’. The app supports access to 2500+ banks from across the globe, and you can connect up to 30 credit cards or bank accounts, so all your impact is in one place. Yayzy encourages individuals to reduce whatever emissions they can and counter the rest using certified carbon offsetting projects. This can be done ad-hoc, item by item or by signing up to a monthly subscription. Yayzy offers a unique climate portfolio that bundles multiple projects together for a more ‘holistic’ impact. These projects have been carefully selected based on a strict criteria and also advance the UN Sustainable development goals.