Side Hustle/ Activism

A Quest for Plastic-Less

  • Mollie Rose
  • Amy Charuy-Hughes
  • Ellen Miller
  • Bryony Edwards

Directed and Photographed by Mollie Rose; with the help of her eco-activist models, eco-conscious team and 100% zero waste set this ongoing personal project aims to break down overwhelm surrounding the plastic catastrophe we are facing.

Tori Tsui
1. Decrease Micro Plastic Pollution and Water Waste with a Dry Wash Spray for Clothes.
2. Replace Takeaways with Eating Out
Kieran Pollitt
3. Choose a Laundry Bag that Catches Micro Plastics Leaking from your Clothes
Bruno the Rescue Dog
4. Choose Extra Tough, Sustainable Dog Toys with Replaceable Compartments.
Tolly Dolly Posh
5. Replace Clingfilm with Reusable Wax Wraps.
6. Choose Loose Leaf Tea Instead of a Teabag.
Evelina Utterdahl
7.. Replace an Old Toothbrush for a Bamboo Alternative with Biodegradable Bristles.
Kish Kash
8. Choose a Wafer instead of a Tub and Plastic Spoon.
Nataly Elbaz
9. Choose Biodegradable Hairbands made from Organic Cotton and Natural Rubber.
10. Choose Baby Clothes that Grow. This suit stretches to fit 9 months to 4 years.
Anjli Vyas
11. Forget Dried Herbs in Plastic Pots and Grow Your Own Bee Attracting Herbs.
Bettina @ Plastic Free Hackney
12. Replace Chewing Gum with Mints.
12 Changes to go from Plastic to Plastic-Less.