adidas Creators Club

  • Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn
  • Elisabeth Neid

For adidas football we created a day in the life of a football loving 17 year old, from stadium to street - Raheem’s Walk. We used the story of Raheem to exclusively reveal adidas’ new products leading up to the World Cup in 2018, including the World Cup ball & national team kits and the return of the infamous adidas PREDATOR. The piece below by Waltz Binaire is a hint at just one of many elements used to immerse over 1000 global retailers in to the world of a 17 year old creator. At Liganova we decided that this project had to be truly collaborative and work with other creators. Props to Tina Weiner, Pfadfindrei, Kling Klang Klong among others but especially to the team at adidas Football (including the original Predator muse David Beckham) for making the whole thing happen.