Aesop x RÆBURN

Role: Global Senior Art Director at Aesop Responsible for Campaign Concept, Art Direction, Film Direction and Videography. - Senior Art Director: Jacqui J. Sze Senior Copy Writer: Nathalie Olah Visual Merchandising Designer: Gabriela Draffen & Alister Schulter Head of Global Visual Merchandising: Carolyn Jackson Videographers: Jacqui J. Sze & Edvinas Bruvas Photographer: Edvinas Bruvas Film Editor: Alexander Ingham Brooks Production: UNIT & The Hand of God Creative Producer: Stacey Kom Edit Producer: Fraser Stannard

The first Aesop collaboration with responsible design studio, RÆBURN, offering a reusable design solution for the uncharted territories of the now.

Designed in collaboration with responsible fashion studio RÆBURN, the Adventurer Roll Up is a response to present circumstances, using pre-consumer recycled cotton for the easy transportation of essential hand care—and assisting users on excursions both grand and humble.
Guided by the same uncompromising ethos of commitment to design with integrity at Aesop, RÆBURN is a global leader in responsible fashion, producing durable designs that respect the world’s resources; lending to a natural partnership. The RÆMADE Adventurer Roll Up is crafted from surplus 1960s aeronautical navigation maps. The dramatic environmental impact across featured areas such as the Aral Sea and Borneo were chosen for climate change significance, highlighting the need for global awareness and action.
Exclusively available only via HBX.

Standing true to the philosophy of our collaboration story, we encourage customers to give a second life to materials. We created an open-source pattern for the Roll Up and shared so that anyone can make their own. Download here and watch the full tutorial below.

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