Airbnb | Night At... the Louvre

  • Sophie Peters
  • Nico Daude
  • Christophe Brumby

Amplify + Airbnb create the most successful 'Night At' to date... Challenge – Amplify were challenged to bring a unique partnership to life between Airbnb and the Louvre. Airbnb's ultimate mission was to connect with new audiences in France and across the world and invite them to discover the museum like never before, through a series of magical and unexpected experiences. Insight – Individuals want money can’t buy experiences and the 30th anniversary of the Louvre Pyramid provided the perfect chance to team up with Airbnb and transform an iconic destination into an intimate home for just one night that set the world talking. Strategy – To deliver a concept and campaign that brought together and complemented both Airbnb and the Louvre, building on common brand values. To create a content led campaign to raise awareness of the Airbnb partnership and Night At… event globally to drive sign-ups and traffic. Solution – Amplify created a once in a lifetime experience with Airbnb and the Louvre, giving two lucky winners the opportunity to spend an evening exploring the world’s most magical museum. Guests spent an unforgettable sleepover looking out from under the Louvre’s pyramid, an installation moment in its own right. To support the launch, drive excitement and encourage entries to the competition, we went live across 16+ territories including OOH, print, PR, digital, social media and a 40” short film capturing the essence of the event. Once chosen, our winners took a private tour to visit a series of unique experiences set-up in key locations of the museum. They started out sipping ‘Drinks with Mona Lisa’, enjoying a few cocktails in our bespoke set, whilst up close and personal with that famous smile. The night continued with ‘Dinner with Venus’, where the winners were invited to experience love, beauty and passion with a gastronomic delight inspired by Aphrodite. The night ended with ‘Sound at Napoleon’s’ an acoustic performance by French artist Sarah Jeanne Ziegler inside the Napoleon III apartment. The campaign exceeded all previous benchmarks and is the most successful Night At… instalment yet.