An Intelligent Kitchen Appliance App

  • Liam Jones

Brief: Develop understanding for SHOT’s visual language and transfer this into a range of support accessories. Project Background: IFA 2019, SHOT is one of the six products showcased inside the Balance of Being space. SHOT is an intelligent smoothie maker using a camera for active condition analysis and Artificial Intelligence to create bespoke smoothies tailored perfectly for the users nutritional needs. PDL's role was to design a range of accessories too support SHOT.

IoT connected, SHOT uses it’s app to educate and inform the user on how the smoothie benefits them through a breakdown of the smoothies natural vitamins and mineral’s. App selected fresh frozen fruit and vegetable capsules are placed into SHOT to make the bespoke smoothie.
SHOT UI and UX is clean, simple and consistent with the visual identity of the product family. The app was designed to be intuitive through it’s simple layout, visual cue’s and it’s harmonious colour palette.