Anya Smells

  • Ailsa Marrs
  • Eloise Nelson

In 2017 Anya Hindmarch launched her new fragrance range: ‘Anya Smells’. A customer entry-point collection to the brand, the candles depict the fun and playfulness the brand has become known for. A large part of my involvement was responsibility for the design and launch on - planning the customer journey, designing a Homepage takeover, informative landing pages and digital marketing for emails and social channels which involved some animation. The other main area was coming up with the branding, and I developed a logo for the collection which needed to feel raw and graffitied to depict the childish name swap. Branding stretched across the event and launch space, invitations and press giveaways. I also organised the print production and working to budget of the launch event invitations, and press giveaway packaging. For the event and launch Anyways were commissioned to come up with the exhibitional space design, and campaign animation.