Art in the City

  • Sarah Donley
  • Anne Bourgeois-Vignon
  • Sara Taglioretti
  • Anne Bourgeois-Vignon
  • George Hughes
  • Marcy Ayres
  • Pallavi Kumar This project explores the essential link between art, artists and their local communities through 10 artist profiles, along with their personal city recommendations. The visual journey is comprised of portraits, artists’ work, studio detail shots and "their city," creating a well-rounded piece that is truly city-focused, showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of multiple neighbourhoods and profiling important voices in the art-world.

After a career spent documenting life and LGBTQ culture in New York, Paris and London, legendary photographer Sunil Gupta has returned to Delhi, the city of his birth, exploring some of the city’s landmarks with fresh eyes...

Photography of Delhi by Adil Hasan and Portraits by Tom Jamieson