At the Feet of Our Mothers

So honoured to be a part of this project with an amazing team of wonderful Muslim women organised by PlayNice and MuslimSisterhood. Inspired by Hadiths and Islamic teachings around sacred matriarchal bonds they have created a beautiful short film and zine, sharing intimate conversations and moments between mothers and their daughters, exploring migrant dreams and matriarchal hopes. Ultimately it is a celebration of the women who have made us the women we are today.

After the screening, our film now lives on the gal-dem website. Combining interviews and both digital and super8 film footage, the film provides an insight into the matriachal bonds of muslim mothers and daughters.
The zine includes photos from the shoot, poems/stories, recipes and illustrations. Co-designed with Hafsa Adan, we wanted to create an atmosphere of nostalgia and comfort through a scrapbook kind of design.