@KraveUnleashed: the Gen-Z cereal

  • Saagar Kaushik
  • Roxy Alexander
  • Rhiain Temple
  • Callum Taylor

Brief: a social relaunch for Kellogg's cereal brand Krave, targetting Gen Z. The Krave mascot's persona lived for chaos, chocolate, and mischief. Our team developed a brand new TOV and editorial strategy which characterised how we'd look and feel online. The aim was to be reactive with our content to join in on trending conversations, while sustaining an organic following through community management. An understanding of Gen-Z behaviours, consumption patterns, internet culture, memes and trends was important in developing our Editorial approach. There was an effort to develop Krave's own 'interests' to line up with our audience's like: gaming, anime, and football - all topics of interest that have strong followings on Twitter. After being given the freedom to completely revamp our following list, I followed influencers, artists, actors, memers and streamers that were relevant to our audience. This resulted in underground and mainstream artists DM'ing us to collaborate and showing general brand love for our cereal. Below are some examples of how we stayed connected with Generation-Z. *Sometime in Spring 2022, activity on this account stopped due to the budget being reallocated to other projects. This was to date one of my favourite accounts to work on, we truly built something organic from our original editorial strategy. I was responsible for all copy on this account, except community management responses which were shared between a colleague and I (Eddy Burrell). The creative concepts came from the ideation sessions between the editorial and creative teams.* Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krave.uki/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/KraveUnleashed