Avery Dennison Toffee League — Brand Identity

  • Jonny Rowe
  • Joe Russell
Portland is a city that’s proud of being weird. You’ve probably heard. When Avery Dennison joined forces with The Toffee Club—a local, English style football pub in the heart of city—to create the beautiful game’s weirdest amateur league, they needed a visual identity that truly reflected the bold and quirky nature of the city, and the creative edge of everyone involved in the league.
Our starting point was the city’s famous motto ‘Keep Portland Weird’. We skewed this to read ‘Make Football Weird’, which proved the catalyst for what followed. This filtered down in to the concept; It’s a Game of 3 Halves—subversive in itself, and a reference to the three stages of the league; Creation, Competition, and Celebration
This was about more than football. This was about building a social club where sport meets art, fashion, and design.
The breadth of the project was a real joy for us as a studio, allowing us to showcase our creativity across a range of deliverables, from editorial, print and packaging, to web, digital, and apparel graphics.