Avon Watch Me Now

  • isabella mulholland
  • Sara Soares
  • Maria Ines Leiria

Creating an exciting relevant brand from the oldest beauty brand in the world

For over 130 years Avon, a pioneering beauty brand, has been creating positive change for women and helping shape entire communities around the world by providing earning & learning opportunities via its products, the causes it supports and its representative’s network. Avon wants to make a meaningful social impact, breaking the barriers that keep women from fulfilling their potential and ultimately helping to create a better world for themselves. And, let’s face it. A better world for women is a better world for all.

However, even with such current and important purpose, Avon has been losing its relevance globally. The high awareness the brand enjoys is not transferred into consideration, creating loss in market share and in its representative base. The brand needed a full reappraisal.

It was up to Wunderman Thompson London to come up with a new global brand idea that could reveal all Avon’s greatness, bringing back relevance to the brand and making it worthy of consideration, even desired, again. Our work needed to look inside to understand what is going on with the brand as much as outside, to find an insight that could trigger people’s response.

After many months of investigations, it was clear that there was a huge gap between what the brand is actually doing – award winning products, supporting causes to get women back on their feet, providing financial independence and support – and how people perceive it – an outdated brand with cheap products.

All the brand’s potential was being underestimated, holding back Avon’s growth.

Like so many stories we hear and experience, Avon was going through something that all women can relate to: low self-esteem and having its potential undermined. Female tribes, a proprietary research from WT, gave us an insight towards women’s sentiment:

70% of women globally say that they suffer from impostor syndrome
70% believe they will be successful one day but just don’t know when.
50% of women globally say that the only thing standing on their way is themselves.

And only 15% consider they have reached their goals.
That’s why seeing women succeed, despite the odds, inspires other women. They can relate, see themselves thriving and stepping into their power. There is a clear connection between Avon, the representatives and the consumers. Avon’s story is everywoman story. A comeback story from Avon is a comeback story for every woman.

The new idea ‘Watch Me Now’ was created to relaunch the brand globally. Avon believes that when women have the right support, they can improve their lives and change the world for the better. The idea is a call out for every woman to step into their power and fulfil their potential.
More than a global campaign idea, ‘Watch me Now’ is a complete rebrand that is being reflected in everything Avon does:  visual identity, communications, products, representatives, causes, brochures.