Back to School with Dickies

  • Jemima Garthwaite
  • Livvy Moore

The Brief Dickies has been a much-loved pioneer of American workwear for more than a century. Five Dickies designs have earned true icon status – worn across the globe and adopted by all kinds of tribes as their own. Dickies asked This Here to create a shoot that would immortalise these iconic garments, capturing their unique spirit in evergreen content. The Project Our creative direction needed to showcase the universal appeal of these five products. We set out to communicate that the icons are made for all of us – no matter who you are, where you come from or how you style them. So for our inspiration and our setting, we went back to the one place we all started out: school. And we invited real makers – from manual labourers such as Favour Jonathan to musicians like Heledd Owen – aged eighteen to eighty, to join us there.


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