BBC Sport FIFA World Cup

What’s the difference between an advert for the Men’s World Cup and the Women’s? Easy – there is no difference. At least, that’s the approach we took. An ad that transcends genders and unites generations. An ad that is somehow totally interchangeable but at the same time perfectly own-able. An ad that can fundamentally help to change the game. No literally.

The Women’s World Cup advert premiered during halftime of the men’s FA Cup final in May, to roughly 11 million people. It then ran across TV with primetime BBC One and Two slots as well as radio and online for six weeks, reaching almost 70% of the UK population.
The World Cup ad was our opportunity to not only steer but also own the conversation around this pivotal moment in culture and to bridge the gap between the men and women’s game by showing the women as equals, on and off the pitch. We knew that if we succeeded in that, everyone would win.
Our ad, Directed by Park Pictures’ Georgia Hudson, features some of the world’s most famous footballers being unapologetically themselves, in a series of powerful moving portraits that focus on their skills, athleticism and personalities.
An in a career first, I got to be part of the release of a single.
You can Shazam the ads and find the track on Spotify and Tidal which gets madder every time I think about it.
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