Be A Wear

  • Sarah Price
  • Chrissy Levett
  • Meg Jackson
  • elizabeth marshall

The cost of fast fashion does not cover the damages it inflicts on the world. In 2019, the retail industry churned out 1.5 billion units of clothing in a single year, and consumers spend £1.34 trillion in fast fashion retail sales every year. Fast fashion is addictive and it's burning through the world's resources. ​​ ​ We are at the beginning of a shift in fast fashion consumers. The second-hand item market is set to surge in the coming years, echoing industry reports that the market could overtake the fast fashion market by 2029, but it's difficult to navigate and get what you want. ​​ ​ Secondhand shops are slowing down the industry by pushing consumers to choose secondhand by taking the faff out of finding it. Using an internet widget designed to work alongside shopping consumers, it will use the items they are looking at on fast fashion websites to source them from pre-owned retailers, like depop and ThredUp. Be A Wear will start changing the behaviours of fast-fashion consumers by visually stimulating them to make conscious decisions about their purchases, and helping them to buy cheaper, and greener.