Ben Andrews - Freeda crush on with Diesel

  • Andy Hughes
  • Polly Hibbert
  • Alessio Signoriello
  • Madeleine Self
  • Alessandra Corazzini

Freeda brought me in on commission to shoot part of their series ‘Crush On’ in partnership with Diesel. Ben Andrews is an organic farmer in Herefordshire, he runs the family farm along with his father of around 600 acres. His story is rather unique in that he is one of the leading voices for the gay community with the Agriculture sector. He is one of the founders of Agrespect which was set up to celebrate and encourage more diversity within rural communities. This series focuses on real people and it was truly a joy to not only work with Ben but to hear his story, how he grew up and how he feels that it’s really important that his voice is out there. He has amassed quite the following, his educational and inspirational stories and social media posts give a real view of his day to day life and the struggles that farmers face. I love working with real people in their own environments, where they feel at home. My aim is to always evoke emotions and to try and enhance and enrich the subject matter. Diesel were very keen to have a more documentary style which is where I thrive, I love to build narratives and with Ben’s story it ended up being a real dream commission. Huge thanks to the Ben for letting us see a slice of your day to day, and for the 3.00am coffee, and to the Freeda team for bringing me on this.