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Benefit Cosmetics has joined forces with Alice Skinner and a team of street artists to create two inspiring murals. The artworks will celebrate the collaborative efforts of women, who support each other’s ‘brow-raising’ incredible actions and accomplishments – just like the very women who founded Benefit in 1976, Jean and Jane Ford. Alice Skinner, best known for her creative, vivid and storytelling style of work and most recently the illustrator of SHE; A celebration of 100 renegade women; will design the mural and street-paint for the first time with fellow creative women, at iconic street art destinations in London and Brighton. Encouraging women to come together within these cities, the artworks will be a work in progress at an interactive and collaborative event where Benefit fans will have the chance to unleash their own creativity and contribute to the final masterpieces. Specially-designed ‘blank canvas’ sections will be left for Benebabes to add their own artistic stamp and share motivational and supportive messages for other women, or simply add a star to represent someone who has empowered or inspired them. With the uniting thought behind the pieces proving that ‘when women come together, they create wonderful things’, they will be displayed in their glory – up to 23ft high and 52ft wide – throughout September. Continuing the brands’ value of supporting and empowering women with campaigns such as their annual philanthropic initiative Bold is Beautiful – the larger than life murals will also mark the product launch of new Brow Contour Pro. A four in one highlighting and defining brow pencil with multiple shades, it creates contoured, dimensional and natural-looking brows with ease – so you don’t have to be a make-up artist to achieve eyebrows #likeapro.


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