Bieke Depoorter: Chance Encounters, Magnum Photos

  • Michael Sargeant
  • Verity Roberts
  • Chiara Sozzi
  • Anna Zavialova
  • Joppe Rog

The relationships that Bieke Depoorter establishes with her subjects are key to her approach to her work, and at the foundation of her artistic practice. Accidental encounters are often the starting point for projects: some of them leading to relationships which are years long. The ways these interactions naturally develop dictate the nature of Depoorter’s work. In our third on-demand course, Depoorter delves into her philosophy on working with people — one that is rooted in the idea of being “a person first, photographer second” — while also exploring the complexities that come with this approach. Through a curriculum of 17 lessons, Depoorter shares how she builds trust with her subjects in a short space of time, allowing her to create intimate portraits of near-strangers. Drawing on her main bodies of work, she explores the benefits and complexities of photographic relationships. In this course, discover how to develop and maintain momentum while working on long-term projects. Crew Credits -- Magnum Photos curriculum development & production: Verity Roberts and myself Director: Joppe Rog Production Co: All Good Studios Cinematographer: Victor Maes 1st AC: Jan-Willem Rouwhorst Sound: Matthijs Klein Editor: Anna Zavialova Additional Footage: Grégoire Verbeke Translation: Melisa Palferro - Translation for Museums and the Cultural Sector Subtitles: Edward Lecorgne Workbook Design: Tom Hornby