Branding for The GoodTimes Card

  • Lucy Werner
  • Hadrien Chatelet
  • Calypso Rose

Calypso Rose founder of The Indytute came to us with a challenge for her new business The GoodTimes Card. Hadrien Chatelet of The Wern was tasked with creating a cut-through brand for a giftcard experience that clearly differentiated it from the traditional dull voucher (yawn).

Having decluttered her own life to live on a canal boat, Calypso knows better than most  the joy of less. Rather than giving a rubbish tangible gift for the sake of a giving gesture, she knew that the best gifts were memory making - an actual experience.

The idea was to create visual or graphic elements that would showcase that feeling of a handpicked and curated experience, which was why he created the colourful and bold shapes. The cherry-picked visual elements represented the details and emotions of the events. This was conveyed by shapes that were not controlled and were loose in the form that gave you the soul of the experience.

The design needed to scream happiness and fun to the target audience which is how he settled on the leading green, chosen to be positive and stand out from the crowd.

The wider neon colour palette was to reinforce thinking differently about the world of gift cards which is quite traditional and corporate.

Lastly, a lot of thought went into the font,  with the curve of the ‘the’ written in lower case to give a feeling of easy playfulness and adventure, approachable and easy to connect with, playful and human.


  • T

    The Good Times

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      Calypso Rose