Breitling – Superocean Global Product Activation – Social Paid Media, OOH

  • Conor Brown
  • Raquel Vieira da Silva
  • Natasha Spice

In 2018, Spring Studios produced Breitling's Superocean Heritage campaign, shot on location in South Africa with world champion surfers Kelly Slater, Stephanie Gilmore and Sally Fitzgibbons. This campaign was to promote the Superocean Heritage, one of Breitling's key products in their category of luxury diving watches. In 2019, we were tasked with repurposing these assets to fit the launch of Breitling's new performance-led diving watch – the Superocean. The previous campaign for the Superocean Heritage had focussed more on the laid-back, chilled surf lifestyle, but for this campaign we focussed more on the action and performance elements of surfing. The Superocean product line up had a wide range of sizes; from 36mm dials (aimed at female consumers) right up to 48mm. We developed a creative media strategy with our clients at Breitling and our partners at WaveMaker, segmenting the creative and aligning them to specific audiences. We created a range of assets; from female specific creative featuring Sally and Stephanie to male assets showcasing Kelly and the larger watch models. These were supplemented by a strong bank of mixed gender content, which in turn were split into assets which highlighted the technical features of the watch versus others which focussed on the lifestyle elements. The campaign was launched across paid social channels and further extended by local markets media spend with OOH placements across the globe. Nominated for Best Use of Facebook Adverts at UK Biddable Media Awards.

Below are various example assets from the campaign, including:
Facebook Collection – static assets
Facebook 15s – mixed 16:9 asset
Local Market OOH – Shanghai
Local Market OOH – Korea's Screen X
Local Market OOH – NY flyposting mock-up