Budweiser: 100% Renewable

Every bottle of Budweiser brewed in the U.S. is now made with renewable electricity, with bottles showing a new "100% Renewable" symbol. TCO London worked with REVOLT to produce the commercial and documentary, launching the initiative globally. I was the Executive Producer over the project.


Create a standout digital commercial that would resonate with a hard to reach millennial audience globally.


To launch the initiative globally we worked with the awesome team at REVOLT to create a series of films. On a highly technical shoot at Budweiser's Fairfield Brewery in California, Thomas Grayson, a base jumper we sourced who's family has worked at the brewery for decades, reveals the new symbol on his parachute by jumping off one of the wind turbines located at the site.


  • Released globally on #WorldEarthDay
  • 26M+ PR Impressions
  • 1M+ Organic views
  • Documentary photography
  • 15 and 30 second commercials
  • 90 second documentary film