Burgess Yachts Social Toolkit

  • Craigh 'Tr' Lewis
  • Alex Kosterman
  • Charlotte Willcocks
  • Beatrice Tamagnini

Burgess Yachts are a prestigious and highly respected yacht brokers that specialise in hiring, selling, crewing and servicing all things yacht. Their social presence was impersonal, sterile and without emotional connection. The brief was to create a new look and feel that engaged the emerging UHNWI from areas like Asia, the UAE and Silicon Valley. We were to maintain the integrity of the brand as a respected voice in the industry but needed to inject some personality and emphasise the feeling, experience and lifestyle that these products gave access to rather than just the hardware and sales focus (old style posts are the last two in sequence). I managed the project contributing to various elements in the creative ideation phase and progressing the design workflow to form a Social Toolkit. This included a look and feel, guidance on social copy, formats, design elements to be implemented and guidance on post frequency. The delivered project used nautically inspired design elements, layered composition, texture and dynamic/obscure angles. This gave a more contemporary feel to their social feeds and differentiated them from their competitors who also had very hardware focused content.