• Catherine Pryce
  • Sara Hailan
  • Robert Ludgate
  • Patrick Smyth

Make the Cadburys Singles range famous with the millennial audience, re-igniting the brands popularity. Cadburys Singles (Whisper, Boost, Twirl, Crunchie and Double Decker) have long been the brand’s most iconic bars. But as the 80’s child grew up, we were faced with a challenge of introducing and creating fame amongst a new, younger audience. And penetrate a cluttered and diverse on the go snack market. To propel the brand into lives of millennials, we needed to infiltrate their culture - we leveraged the resurgence of 80s fashion memorabilia and fashion brands by partnering with a creative fashion house to get the iconic logos splashed across t-shirts. Encouraging a younger audience to not only engage with the brand but to wear their favorite bar with pride.