Campfire presents Big Boost Mondays – Women in Tech

  • Joey Lee
  • Mohammad Ashraf
  • Jess Migliore

This event was part of a wider celebration for International Women’s Day 2020. In this special edition of Big Boost Mondays, the first panel discussion in the series, I talked tech career challenges and triumphs with three challengers from innovative firms who champion diversity in the workplace.

We were at full capacity for an insightful evening as Tasha Chouhan – Head of Business Development for Banking Services at Starling Bank, Jennifer Steele – Senior Product Developer at Genesis Global Technology and Shilpa Shah – Alternate Delivery Models and Women in Technology Leader at Deloitte, discussed how their firms are striving for more diverse, inclusive and successful technology workforces.
I was delighted to be sharing the stories of inspirational women at all stages of careers at firms with different levels of maturation, across the tech industry. They shared how their firms are driving inclusive initiatives, best work practices and how companies are providing platforms for successful careers in tech – for all.

Along with a live audience Q&A, we delved deeper into what the tech industry is doing to establish a broader diversity and inclusive workforce, what people can expect from a challenger workplace and the realities of working for a tenacious tech firm hungry for change. I also quizzed the challengers on the necessary attributes and skills that are needed to fuel successful and diverse tech firms, as the audience with was brimming with individuals ready to take that next career step.
The event was added to FORA's International Women's Day curated programme of events, which gained interest across 11 London locations.