Captain Wes Morgan

  • Shaneil Patel
  • Alexander Preece
Leicester City Captain Wes Morgan signs for Captain Morgan
[Capitalising on the most talked about sporting event of the year]

Taylor Herring were briefed to come up with an idea for Captain Morgan social media channels to capitalise on Leicester City’s (inevitable and unbelievable) 5,000-to-1 Premier League triumph. The focus was in particular on their club captain Wes Morgan – the Foxes very own Captain Morgan!

Leicester City’s storm to the top was steered by their leader. The winning creative was designed to capitalise on the social media conversations which were guaranteed to happen as soon as Leicester City were champions and became the most talked about sporting story of the year - The underdog who became a champion.

The creative focussed on Wes Morgan becoming the new Captain Morgan and face of the spirit brand.

A mock up label was designed replacing famous red and white buccaneer with an image of the defender dressed as Captain Morgan in royal blue and white robes to match Leicester City’s home kit. The label was completed with a football replacing the treasure chest and Wes Morgan’s own signature.
The special limited edition bottle would be a salute to Wes Morgan and a social strategy was developed to be implemented at the moment Leicester were crowned champions utilising the hashtag #OnlyOneCaptainMorgan and becoming part of the online conversation as Leicester City fans bathed in their team’s preposterous victory!

As soon as Leicester were crowned champions Captain Morgan sent a tweet to Wes Morgan. His almost instantaneous reply requesting a bottle for himself sent the tweet viral with it being retweeted over 9,000 times.
#OnlyOneCaptainMorgan started trending within 3 hours of Leicester City winning the Barclay’s Premier League.
Following the success of the Tweet and resulting, it was decided that the bottles would be fast tracked into production with fans being able to win them via a competition on the Captain Morgan social media channels. The demand from fans was phenomenal.
A press release was sent out announcing that Captain Wes Morgan was the new face of Captain Morgan capitalising on all of the media interest in Leicester City’s rags to riches story.

The Results
Over 57 pieces of coverage including 5 national print pieces
9 million Twitter impressions on #OnlyOneCaptainMorgan
The greatest sporting achievement of all time
Delirious and ecstatic Leicester City fans nationwide