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Ace & Tate introduces a new podcast celebrating influential women & their work

Career Girls is a storytelling podcast from Ace & Tate, for those who know that professional success is a marathon – not a sprint.

Forgotten Women author and Broadly UK editor Zing Tsjeng sits down with successful and influential women of all ages, from all industries, to find out how they built their career from the ground up.

From their early missteps to their current triumphs, the highs of the job to the crushing lows, buckle in for an honest, insightful and intimate examination of what it’s like to be a woman in work today.

Listen to episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 below, or subscribe at Soundcloud, Spotify or iTunes. Stay tuned for more episodes in this six part series.

Episode #1: Asma Khan

Job Title: Founder of Darjeeling Express

From part-time Ph.D. student and mum running a pop-up supper club in Soho, to finally opening her first restaurant in her 40s and being the first British chef to feature on Netflix’s Chef’s Table. Asma’s ride to the top has been a wild one. What’s the recipe for success?

Episode #2: Paula Akpan & Nicole Crentstil

Job Title: Founders of Black Girl Festival

Realising that young women of colour never had a space to call their own, these ladies pulled together Black Girl Festival, and with it, began a little bit of a revolution. Welcome to the story of the UK’s first ever festival celebrating Black British females.

Episode #3: Danielle Pender

Job Title: Editor in Chief of Riposte Magazine

Having always been an avid magazine reader, Danielle felt most women’s publications had the same point of view, or they felt too aspirational and fashion orientated — so she created a Riposte: a smart magazine that highlights bold, fascinating women who we don’t usually hear about.

Episode #4: Michaela DePrince

Job Title: Ballet Dancer

From an Orphanage in Sierra Leone during the country’s civil war to becoming the soloist at the Dutch National Ballet and dancing in a Beyonce music video, Michaela has lived an unbelievably inspiring journey – one that simply must be shared with the world.

Career Girls: Live

We launched Career Girls by hosting an IRL panel discussion, moderated by Zing, with three of our episode guests. We invited our London based customers to a breakfast social at our East London store, serving vegan plates, cold brew coffee and inspirational chat, before the working day had even started!

Read more about Career Girls on the Ace & Tate Journal.

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