Celebrating 50 Languages

  • Susan Tonso
  • Georgia Diaconescu
  • Edwina Khayat
  • Altai Baatarkhuu
  • Melissa Clough
  • Eva Ticha
  • Eva Ticha
  • Imogen van Zaane
  • Iannish Posooa
  • Ivan Pols
  • Maddie Taylor
  • Michael Chapman

In 2013, our co-founders had the crazy idea to split the world into 3 metre squares and assign each one a unique combination of 3 English words. We called it a what3words address. This project celebrates reaching 50 languages. It means that five billion people can use what3words in their native tongue, and the system is well on its way to becoming a global standard. For each of the 50 languages, we’ve collected facts and great places to visit straight from our team of language experts, with a few behind-the-scenes titbits about the process.

We created a 50 Languages microsite with interactive lists, maps and gallery to explore the treasure trove of facts and places.
View the site here. Or play the demo video below.
The what3words design team created a series of 50 typographic artworks. They are based on the what3words address in the travel tip of each language and inspired by an aspect of its culture.

View the full set on the microsite.

We've put selected designs on our Teemill store. Wear your favourite language.

Creative (Design)
  • Susan Tonso (Designer)
  • Michael Chapman (Snr Design Lead)
Creative (Copy)
  • Edwina Khayat (Copywriter)
  • Melissa Clough
  • Maddie Taylor (Snr Creative Lead)
  • Bruna Schuch
  • Ria Hearse
  • Altai Baatarkhuu
  • Niki Forecast
  • Iannish Posooa
  • Sunny Bhogal
  • Imogen van Zaane
  • WithPrint (Alan Smith, Nicholas Dawes, Martin Jakeway)
  • Jamie Brown
  • Maiju Nurminen
  • Sam Wells
  • Rachael Holborn
  • Toby Dathan
  • Georgia Diaconescu
  • Ivan Pols (CCO)
Creative (Video)
  • Eva Ticha
  • Ryan Ho

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