Chivas Regal Ultis – Turning DNA Into Art

  • David Jorre
  • Alice Dunoyer
  • Courtney Brooks
  • Carole Guiet

DNA molecules live in nearly every cell of our bodies, carrying traits from our parents to make us who we are. In 2016, digital artists FIELD partnered with Chivas Regal to combine Generative Art with DNA analysis, bringing to life the essence of five craftsmen from the distilleries that created Chivas Regal Ultis an exceptional blend that captures the essence of Chivas Regal. Creative Directors: Philip Beaumont & Jim Stump Motion Design: David Jorre

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Colin Scott –

Strathisla Distillery

Euan Henderson –

Tormore Distillery

Kevin Reid –

Longmorn Distillery

Robert Vincent –

Allt A’bhainne Distillery

Sandy Milne –

Braeval Distillery

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