City Cruises

  • Sybbie Marquez
  • Alessia Vurchio
  • Tihana Kovacevic
  • Zsuzsi Simó

Enhancing a brand personality to deliver commercial advantage. The Challenge City Cruises is a riverboat operator on the River Thames with a long-standing reputation. With the coming of the digital platform and changing spirit of the times, their business was maturing and their brand was in need of a refresh that would allow them occupy a bigger space in the minds of its customers. Information Design To help customers navigate their journey along the Thames, a new mapping system had been created, highlighting landmarks and local sights. The simplicity of the visual language has also allowed for their journeys with multiple pricing strata and timetables to be communicated in a simple and elegant manner. The Process A flexible and adaptive system has been created to support the growing range of services on offer by City Cruises. London’s Number One Boat Tour on the Thames is an accolade they have earned and the new verbal branding allows for their new products to share the limelight in a coherent manner across all branded channels. Mobile & Beyond A clear, flexible and adaptive brand system has been rolled out digitally across their website, blog posts and social media. Helpfulness is a theme that runs through their brand attitude and finds its expression through a variety of digital touchpoints. Results With a new contemporary look and feel, City Cruises are managing to maximise their standout, maximise their potential for direct sales and marketing. Whilst Sightseeing remains as their core product, customers can now discover the rich collection of new tours on offer.