Coeval Magazine: The Buff Games 2049

  • Ella Aldersey-Williams
  • David Luke
  • Sonya Xena
  • Amelia Sonsino
  • alice dodds
  • Bruna Ignatowska

The year is 2049. Following environmental breakdown at the hand of humanity’s endless habits of over-consumption, the production and distribution of commodities has stopped. Obsessed by the constant need to improve their appearance, humans have been driven to the point of insanity, reverting back to their hunter-gatherer roots in order to obtain the most attractive objects and garments left on Earth. Each year they compete in ‘The Buff Games’, modifying their bodies in order to present their most beautiful selves to the world and fight for the title of No.1. We have our three finalists ... but who will be the champion? Choose your fighter! See the full story on Coeval Magazine here: