Amelia Sonsino

Amelia Sonsino

Fashion and Portrait PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Amelia Sonsino

Amelia Sonsino

Fashion and Portrait PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I am a queer London based photographer. My work predominantly focuses on portraiture, club kid culture and the LGBT community. Documenting the community and youth culture around me enables me to uplift and showcase the diversity within it. I shoot with film, digital and recently started FaceTime photoshoots. I am skilled in studio photography, photography on location, editorial, portraiture, graphic design, moodboards, magazine layouts, concepts and fashion communication.
  • Interview for Dazed
    Interview for DazedI was interviewed by Anastasiia Federova for an article with Dazed about the photographers redefining the erotic image for the 21st century. Read the full article here:
    CHOOSE YOUR LOVERA fashion love story for Slippage Magazine exploring the characterisation of male muses. See the full editorial here:
    A HOT MINUTE WITH..Checkout Magazine, an interview with me, written by Jessica Carroll. "In my world there is no definition for what beauty is or should look like," explains Amelia Sonsino, a young photographer who graduated from @fcsmdx during the height of the Covid pandemic last summer. Despite the uncertain circumstances, the creative's determination to help build a platform to showcase the LGBTQIA+ community did not waver. Instead she made it her mission to lead the way :"I've decided it's my job to show eve
  • A Tale of Domestic Absurdity for ArtPLAY Magazine
    A Tale of Domestic Absurdity for ArtPLAY MagazineThe story follows the character into the hyper personal space of her bedroom where the contrast between her psyche and how she visually presents herself to the world only becomes more acute. She’s making bold fashion choices and she expresses herself absurdly over-the-top just to compensate for the absence of genuine human interaction, the lack of depth in her emotions and the toxic independency she values so much. Full story available here:
  • DYSTOPIA for Féroce Magazine
    DYSTOPIA for Féroce MagazineDystopia takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the world as we know it has collapsed. Earth reacted immensely to the centuries of human exploitation, destroying all traces of humanity. In order for the planet to survive, the planet has to rebuild itself and survivors are forced to mutate and rebuild history in a more conscious way in order to adapt themselves to the New World. These humans are bonding with nature, unlocking their most primitive, animal instincts whilst being increasingl
  • Sølv for Noctis Magazine
    Sølv for Noctis MagazineSølv is a London based self-made singer/artist. She released her EP 'Synthetic Feelings' which was produced from A-Z in her bedroom. It's now available to stream everywhere. Full article available here:
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Projects credited in
  • Coeval Magazine: The Buff Games 2049
    Coeval Magazine: The Buff Games 2049The year is 2049. Following environmental breakdown at the hand of humanity’s endless habits of over-consumption, the production and distribution of commodities has stopped. Obsessed by the constant need to improve their appearance, humans have been driven to the point of insanity, reverting back to their hunter-gatherer roots in order to obtain the most attractive objects and garments left on Earth. Each year they compete in ‘The Buff Games’, modifying their bodies in order to present their mos
Work history
    Freelance PhotographerMy self freelance
    London, United KingdomFreelance
    I work as a freelance photographer, working with the LGBT community and professional dancers.
    PhotographerToksick Magazine
     - London, United KingdomFreelance
    Submitted my 35mm shoot from LGBTQ+ strip club Harpies to Toksick Magazine
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