• Tevin Akinyemi

Age UK set us a brief asking us to create a digital product that addresses loneliness /social isolation in ageing Londoners. We didn't only want to just focus on addressing loneliness, but rather how we could potentially alleviate it as a whole. We eventually came up with 'CommuniTEA' which is an online website that hosts a range of different activities the ageing population can attend. The activities are extremely broad and can range anything from gardening to Zumba dance classes. The incentive for coming was Tea (or any other hot drinks) which we used as a tool to create meaningful relationships within the ageing population. I worked as the team strategist and creative copywriter. Prototype available here:

Based on the wealth of research we conducted, we created 4 archetypes that we considered would benefit most from the service we were providing.
During our final client pitch, we avidly wanted to create a story people could relate with. We thoroughly understand the importance of storytelling and so we really wanted to create a powerful story that would create empathy.
In the story, Its Nancy's birthday. She's turning 68.
Her husband, Lennox, who suffers from dementia is excited to see their daughter and grandson.

Unfortunately her daughter, Layna, will not be able to make it to her birthday surprise. She works In Dubai and won't be able to make it home in time. Being the only family Nancy and Lennon have, they are left upset and alone on Nancy's birthday.

Fast forward some weeks later, Nancy is recommend to go on a platform called CommuniTea where she can meet new people and bring her husband along too for a range of different activities.

In terms of branding, our team were looking at the type of content and colours we wanted to portray on our website. We created this mood board based on primary research we had conducted from user testing.

We looked at the physiology of colours and wanted to include bright colours such as blue to build trust with our users as well as hints of orange to make our audience feel calm.