CoppaFeel! #whatnormalfeelslike

  • Laila Milborrow
  • Karam Moore
  • Safia Haley
  • Nicola Pennicott-Hall
  • Paul Pearson
After talking to lots and lots of women we quickly realised a very sad truth that most of them really struggle to find words to describe their boobs beyond big or small.
Our new #WhatNormalFeelsLike campaign builds off of this theme, asking women to really think how their boobs feel rather than what they look like. Are they soft? Firm? Or “Squidgy?” The end goal is twofold: First, to encourage women to get to know their breasts better, which will help identify changes that might indicate breast cancer; and second, to dream up a new vocabulary to describe breasts beyond simply size - helping to desexualise boobs in the process. Here's Dr Hilary to explain it further...


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