Paul Pearson

Paul Pearson

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Paul Pearson

Paul Pearson

Creative DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
This is me, currently A Creative Director at Brave. Having come from an integrated background, I like to think I look at things a little differently. It's why during my 11 and a bit years in the industry, not only have I worked for a diverse list of clients, including British Airways, and CoppaFeel!, I've also picked up a few awards along the way.
  • Love Honey - Light relief in lockdown
    Love Honey - Light relief in lockdownBrave have won a whopping £250,000 worth of outdoor media for our cheekiest client, Lovehoney – the UK’s largest sex toy retailer. The prize was awarded for the Ocean Outdoor Crucial Creative competition. The competition called for brands to raise a smile during the easing of lockdown. This year has seen countless studies finding a rise in stress levels. When we venture out, it feels like we’re trapped in a nightmarish science fiction movie, with ‘social distancing’, ‘masks’, and ‘lockdown’ beco
  • Raise your Rosé
    Raise your RoséIf you've been to the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, you'll know how much rosé gets drunk. Lots. So what if the small fortune spent on that delicious pink stuff could go towards something good? Introducing The Cannes Lions Château de berne 2015, a specially made bottle of rosé that turns indulgent behaviour into good as the profits from every bottle go towards helping local charities. Santé to that.
  • Iceland - Barbecue Season 2018
    Iceland - Barbecue Season 2018The summer barbecue. One of the most competitive events of the season. Who will bring the best burgers? Strut in with succulent sausages? Our commentators are to here find out. They’re fast-talking, quip-making funny Americans. Together, they watch the BBQ action unfold, and make excited and witty comments throughout. To them, a barbecue is a lot like sport. And whoever brings the best food - is the WINNER!
  • Crimestoppers - Putpockets
    Crimestoppers - PutpocketsPick pocketing is a constant problem. Especially in City centres like London and Bristol. And while poster campaigns do what they can, there’s often no real cut through. One of the main reasons for this is that people never really believe that it will ever happen to them. However, how do you do this without actually taking something out of peoples pockets and bags? Well, you put something in.
  • Battersea Dogs & Cats Home - Happiness Starts At Battersea
    Battersea Dogs & Cats Home - Happiness Starts At BatterseaSince 1860, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home have helped to re-home millions of animals. The reason they've been so successful is because they do so much more than just getting the animals healthy. They make sure the animals are happy. Then, and only then are they ready to be re-homed. To really dramatise that point, we got the dogs and cats to show just how happy they are with big, wide, grins.
  • - Drivers win - Drivers winIf you're a driver then you know exactly what it feels like to experience a winning driver moment, like executing the perfect reverse park, finding the last hard boiled sweet stashed in the driver door pocket or the thrill of being the first to spot the bus lane is open... Our campaign for focuses on bringing those moments to life. And who better to play the role of the winning driver than the star of Car Pool Karaoke, Mr James Kimberley Corden. And yes, that is his middle name.
Projects credited in
  • Naked Smoothies - Live Colourful
    Naked Smoothies - Live ColourfulIntroducing our juicy new campaign for Naked Smoothies. We created and brought to life their new brand platform, ‘Live Colourful’ with a mouth-watering world, filled with supersized fruit. To make sure our world felt as epic as possible, from the clouds of glistening fruit to the juiciest lake you’ll ever see, we used AI art generators and Unreal Engine 5 tech to bring it all to life. And to hit those flavour cues hard, we set the film to Mtume’s, ‘Juicy Fruit’, making it not just a treat for
  • Water Heroes FC.
    Water Heroes FC.For the very first time, players from Manchester City Men’s, Women’s and Academy teams have come together to form Water Heroes FC. Led by Pep Guardiola, Water Heroes FC are here to help us all tackle the world’s water crisis in our “extra time”. From taking small actions such as spreading the word on water issues on social media platforms, to getting involved in bigger actions such as helping to plant more trees, fighting flooding, or engaging in river clean-ups. Creatively we brought Water
  • Xylem - United by Difference
    Xylem - United by DifferenceXylem, one of the world's biggest water utility companies tasked us with creating an internal comms platform to give inclusive workplace education to support their LGBQT+ community. Using water drops to represent people, the platform was about starting at the basics, education, and building towards actionable ways Xylem employees can either be better allies, or bring their authentic selves to work. The comms lived digitally for the most part on the organisations global intranet, however a limi
  • - Summer campaign - Summer campaignFor some of us, the car is another member of the family, but there comes a time when we need to replace it. So we brought that thought to life the old fashioned way with strong headlines and fun visuals to contextualise the problems that come with driving throughout the summer and the kids heading back to school.
  • Xylem Take Steps to Solve Water.
    Xylem Take Steps to Solve Water.We’re facing a water crisis like never before. Litter is being washed into drains and polluting our waterways, blocking them and causing floods. On top of this, billions of people still don’t have access to safe drinking water and are forced to walk a daily average of six kilometers to reach it. Xylem wanted to continue leveraging their partnership with Manchester City FC and Xylem brand ambassador, Pep Guardiola to tackle these issues head on. We started by introducing the world to Ploggin
  • Lego - Play Makes Anything possible - Women's Euros
    Lego - Play Makes Anything possible - Women's EurosA 360° campaign activating LEGO’s first ever sponsorship of a sporting event, UEFA Women’s EURO 2022. Featuring a suite of content films, print, OOH, reactive social, as well as a series of fun LEGO animations that ran across digital OOH sites near participating stadiums up and down the country. Using the iconic LEGO bricks, this campaign brings to life the pre-existing ‘Play Makes Anything Possible’ brand line by showcasing all the occupations that young women can aspire to and achieve. From
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    I'm a senior creative working on brands such as, Iceland, Air new Zealand and Costa. During my time here, I've also worked on and won numerous pieces of new business and have overseen work for clients such as CoppaFeel!
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