Love Honey - Light relief in lockdown

  • Paul Pearson
  • Caroline Paris
  • Dipesh Mistry
  • Drew Haselhurst

Brave have won a whopping £250,000 worth of outdoor media for our cheekiest client, Lovehoney – the UK’s largest sex toy retailer. The prize was awarded for the Ocean Outdoor Crucial Creative competition. The competition called for brands to raise a smile during the easing of lockdown. This year has seen countless studies finding a rise in stress levels. When we venture out, it feels like we’re trapped in a nightmarish science fiction movie, with ‘social distancing’, ‘masks’, and ‘lockdown’ becoming our new vocabulary. That’s where the idea, ‘Light Relief in Lockdown’, came from. What better time to remind the nation that Lovehoney are here when they need them? We know that a fulfilling sex life is a significant factor in general wellbeing and mental health. But also, we all just need a laugh at the moment. Especially when we’re out and about, living in an episode of Black Mirror that doesn’t seem to want to end. So our idea was to take the language of lockdown and have some fun with it. To use the context of the out-of-home sites and what’s on people’s minds. We also wanted to use the cheeky, grown-up tone of Lovehoney that avoids being smutty or crass and leaves the viewer to find the joke, letting the logo do a lot of the work. We hope the result will raise a smile and cheer the nation when they need it most. And maybe even help a few people have more sexual happiness.


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