Coty Inc Christmas Card

  • Sophie Williams
  • Claire Stewart
The Brief: Create a personalised holiday video card for COTY employees to send internally and externally, placing COTY’s brand pillars and key categories at its core. The card must be able to be sent as is, but also must be able to be customised with a personal message should users choose.
Deliverable - 1x interactive Christmas card, allowing the user to pick between 3 product sets and create their own messages.
My Role: Worked with the design and creative teams, as well as a 4D rendering company, to develop 3x creative routes for the three COTY product offerings. I sourced and worked with a web developer who created the personalisation elements, as well as building and hosted the microsite - in line with COTY whitelisting policies.
This project was delivered early and under budget despite heavy reliance on third parties.